Puns on Pop Culture

Of my own design……

Bill and Ted’s Egg Salad Add Vinegar

Riddle Richard

Rum kind of wonderful

Rum and Bass

Riddler on the Roof; Riddle Ceaser’s, Chicken Riddle; Riddle Orphan Annie

Metaphor Roosevelt; Metaphor Rigby; Zen in Rome; Odd Stewart; Oddfather; Odd Taylor; Matthew Odderick; Oddney Dangerfield

The Color Verbal; Verbal Tea; Yertle the Verbal; The Verbal People Eater; Teenage Mutant Ninja Verbals

Pun D.M.C.; Cannonball Pun

Kevin Bacon likes his eggs six ways.

Turn of Phrase

An object at rest cannot be stopped

The old man the boat.

This is the pun fart.

It’s not that life is too short, it’s that death is too long.

Is “tired old cliche” one?

Misunderstood Song Lyrics

download (1).jpeg

The girl with colitis goes by

There’s a bathroom on the right. Did I just hear you right? Excuse me while I kiss this guy.


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