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When confronted with the depths of horror and violence the human spirit is capable ascending towards it is commonplace, even consensus that it must be meat with complete and total overwhelming love, positivity and kindness in order to balance out and then be beat – did Schrodingers chicken cross before the eggs were eat? Tickle a teat treat feet with feat.


However when using the Art of Zen to address these situations in regards to balancing the Yin/Yang percentages presented in any situation, one understands this is not true balance.  If there exists a state of extreme negativity, represented for this statement by the principle in Chinese philosophy known as Yin aspects of Yin and Yang (negative, dark, feminine) then to achieve balance the proper counterbalance, or response, is not to attempt to smother and eliminate the negativity by any means, one may say there is even no need to address it directly in any way at all, but to provide enough positivity in any way so that it merely fills the tiny void left in the whole by the formerly mentioned negative actions.  This must also be true of Yang (positive, light, masculine) when it is present in abundant quantities. In order for this distinction to even exist there must be some counterbalancing form of it’s  direct negative opposition for it the edges of the square that define it not it’s whole.  In other words, it is that that lay without that define what is within for it takes both for either to exist. Therein lies the nature and secret of duality within all creation, for it is opposing forces that create anything’s existence in the first place, and it stands in reason that before opposed ideas can conflict they must be. This is one of the main tenets of understanding the Laughter of the Buddha, and the answer to Schrodinger and his famous chicken posing the question, “What came first, the egg or the box?”

“All phenomena are real in some sense, unreal in some sense, meaningless in some sense, real and meaningless in some sense, unreal and meaningless in some sense, and real and unreal and meaningless in some sense.”

  The logic of this hypothesis resonates with my cognitive jury but they’re still out. Perhaps the ponder and prance, Ponce de Leon.  Spinning disks quick.- Robert Anton Wilson

 He said part of it if you get that you’ve done it so start again




Some are slow but of myself I know who I am so I find my fair square compare to before then I resort to support facts, fears. Speak through art myself so I start in dark near my shelf it helps because I laugh at time in rhyme I’m prime slime ordial Gordian nautical.  I resonate with the inner bevel the winner me is on another spit spat spot hot.

Know when to spit.

When to sit 

Most importantly 

Remember to q...



not now or later. gnosticelation hostiliticulous.


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