Martian Motion Pictures is a collective of Austin filmmakers, artists, writers, musicians and all around creatives collaborating to develop a one stop production company. It is spearheaded by Jon Grandstaff, CEO and Creative Director and his partners Jonathan Walker (FYC) and Chef Daryl Cruz (EHHC)

Services include hiring to produce music videos, Kickstater/Patreon videos, training and marketing videos, music videos, commercials, film YouTube clips, document Weddings and Special Events, corporate speeches, sound production/engineering/and mixing-mastering of songs, digital logo design, animation, music production/editing, edit video for clients, and all types of filmography/visual art needed for any and all occasions. We also provide standard craft services for commercial or film sets. We can provide standard packages or custom menus from 5 to 100 people.

MMP is orchestrated and guided through a collaboration between



Jon Grandstaff

Founder, CEO, Creative Director, Head of Board

Martian Motion Pictures – Finish Your Cereal – Joycean Rum – Foton – Cinemartian – Rummy Martian –– Galloping Ghost Island  – Foton – Dr. Klopek – Oddzilla-

Painter/Chef/Writer/Comedian/Filmmaker/Sound Designer/Music Producer/Video Editor/Linguist/Lyricist

Jonathan JWALK Walker

  • finishyourcereal@outlook.com

Chef Daryl Cruz 

  • ch3fcruz@gmail.com

For more information, or for list of services and prices email: