Email us at JOYCEANRUM@GMAIL.COM for any of your productions or for social media. 

We offer an extensive array of customized audio/visual services including but not limited to:

  • Photography (photo editing inAdobe Lightroom or Photoshop CC)
  • Videography
  • Video editing, captioning, mixing, etc.
  • Computer Generated Special Effects using Adobe After Effects CC, with Red Giant Universe 2.2 plugin
  • Sound engineering or design, including mixing and mastering any audio track, adding sound effects to videos or audio tracks, using Adobe Audition, Logic Pro X,  Waves Platinum Bundle FX and Plugins, with over 75,000 custom industry standard sound effects for any project amateur or professional
  • Music production, mainly focusing on Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic music, remixes, and Studio quality Mixing and Mastering for distribution
  • Digital photo enhancement, digital art, product advertising design, and commercials
  • Social media branding videos and watermarks
  • Voice overs
  • Script writing/editing